Chocolate Lamingtons

Serves 12

10 vanilla or chocolate dairy- and gluten-free cupcakes
100ml coconut cream (see tip)
200g vegan plain or ‘dairy-free’ milk chocolate, broken up
a few drops of vanilla extract
150g desiccated coconut

For the chocolate ganache coating – Bring the coconut cream or dairy-free whipping cream to the boil and stir in the chocolate until melted.

Take the sponges out of their cases.

Pour desiccated coconut onto a plate and have another plate next to the coconut.

Lift each cupcake with a fork and support underneath with another fork, dip into the melted chocolate mixture for a few seconds then roll in the coconut.
Place onto the plate to set.

Finish by piping a swirl of whipped coconut cream, whipped dairy-free cream or buttercream on top with a chocolate shape or half a strawberry.

These are quite rich and could be used as a dessert.

For coconut cream chocolate ganache – place a tin of coconut in a fridge overnight. The next day, open the can and spoon out the firm coconut cream carefully, leaving the water behind. Pour the liquid away. Use this in recipes requiring coconut cream.

Whipped coconut cream – with the leftover coconut cream from the chocolate ganache, add a little icing sugar and a few drops vanilla extract and whisk until it forms a peak. Fill a piping bag and use to pipe a swirl on each cake.

If you have dariole moulds or other shaped baking moulds, you can bake the sponges in those instead of the cupcake cases. Follow the recipe as for gluten and dairy-free cupcakes.