I first published the website Iced Gem Bakes in 2009 offering gluten and dairy-free baking recipes. At the time there wasn’t many free-from options in shops and restaurants or as recipes online.

Happily things have changed a lot in the Free-from food world and you can now get really good free-from versions of any food you like, and the internet is full of recipes.

My website has been a lot busier lately, and there are more ingredients available. So I’ve had a tidy up leaving just the recipes, no fuss!

If I’ve changed a recipe that you like, please get in touch and let me know.


About Me

Since training as a chef at 18, I have been catering for people with special dietary requirements. Over the years I noticed more and more people asking for free-from options. In 2006 I started my own business – Iced Gem Cakes, making wedding and celebration cakes and supplying cafes in Brighton with gluten-free and vegan cakes.

In 2007 I met the respected food writer Marguerite Patten. She tasted my gluten-free cake, liked it and told me I should write a cook book which led me to put my recipes online.

In 2012 I had my first book published. It was a guide to making free-from celebration cakes titled – Gluten-, Nut-, Egg- and Dairy-free Celebration Cakes.


Thank you to Sarah Fitzpatrick and Alex Franklin (http://www.alexfranklin.co.uk/contact/) for the photography on this website all those years ago.