Stopping for a Cup of Tea and Slice of Cake in Brighton and Hove, Sussex

Pleased to see more cafes offering a gluten free choice of cake. Here are a few I have sampled in Brighton and Hove, Sussex.

The Small Batch Coffee Company, Hove

This a small coffee shop close to Hove Station. It sells a small selection of packaged cookies made by the Byron Bay Cookie Company and one of these was gluten free.

I tried the White choc chunk and macadamia nut cookie. Gluten free.

You can really taste the white chocolate in this cookie. It wasn’t gritty at all as it contained ground macadamia nuts.

Pret a Manger, Brighton

I tried gluten free orange cake. Quite a dense moist cake. It has a sharp orange flavour probably because it is made with whole oranges. It doesn’t contain any fat so quite good for you if you are on a diet!

Treacle and Co, Brighton

This is a small company in Brighton which sells cakes at local farmers markets. I saw them in a farmers market in Churchill Square Shopping Centre, Brighton and was pleased to see a gluten free option.

I tried wheat and gluten free orange polenta cake. This was a nice citrusy cake, a tiny bit gritty from the polenta but the syrup it is soaked in made this hard to notice.

Marks and Spencers Restaurant, Brighton

Gluten free rich fruit cake.

This had a lovely moist flavour. Contained lots of fruit. It was not gritty at all. You wouldn’t know it was gluten free.

Riverside Cafe, Lewes

Kate’s Cakes gluten free chocolate brownie.

I was disappointed to find this brownie quite dry and gritty to eat.

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