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Which Dairy Free Margarine Is The Best?

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Margarine testing.

I decided to test different widely available dairy free margarines to see which, in my opinion, is the best.

I tested for:

  • Best on toast
  • Best in a sponge cake
  • Best for pastry and
  • Best for butter cream

The contenders:

Pure soya margarine – not very good for baking.

Pure Sunflower margarine – nice for most baking.

Pure organic margarine – not very good for baking.

Stork pastry margarine – good for pastry but not for sponge cake or butter cream, it is too waxy.

Sainsbury’s Free From margarine – good flavour for general baking.

Tomor Kosher margarine – I didn’t like this at all. It is very waxy.

Supermarket block baking margarine – The baking margarine does state not suitable for milk allergy sufferers due to manufacturing process. Good for pastry but not for sponge cake or butter cream.

Vitalite margarine – best margarine for baking and spreading.

Suma soya margarine – not very good for baking.

White vegetable fat – ok for pastry, not much flavour obviously. This can be used to give a ‘royal iced’ look to an egg free cake including piping and scrolls. More about this later.

On toast

We thought Pure soya and Sainsbury’s Free From were really nice but the best was Vitalite. This could be because it tasted saltier than the others, it has a nice buttery flavour.

Sponge cake

We thought Pure organic had a nice flavour. It was hard to decide which we preferred out of Pure sunflower and Vitalite. They both had a good flavour and texture.


We found Sainsbury’s Free From and supermarket baking margarine both had a good flavour.

The best was Stork pastry block margarine and Vitalite.

Dairy free butter cream

Mixing in twice as much icing sugar to margarine. You just need to mix the sugar in gently or the mixture will split.

The best margarine for this was the Sainsbury’s Free From and Vitalite. The Vitalite didn’t seem to split as much as the others.

And the winner is…

we recommend - Vitalite.

So in my opinion, if you are to have one dairy free margarine in your fridge it should be Vitalite Dairy Free spread.