The Great British Bake Off – gluten and dairy free technical challenge – week 2

Technical challenge – week 2. Gluten and dairy free 8 strand plaited loaf

Ok I kinda cheated on this one. If you’ve ever made gluten free bread you’ll know that you make a batter and not a dough. So how do I plait a batter? Pipe it of course. Am I still in the contest?

Here’s my recipe

200g Doves Farm gluten free plain flour
100g cornflour
100g ground almonds
2tsp xanthan gum
1tsp salt
2tsp caster sugar
4tsp (2 x 7g sachets) dried yeast
30ml sunflower oil
1 egg
360ml lukewarm water – just warm, if the water is too hot it will kill the yeast.


Preheat the oven to 200°c / gas mark 6.

Stick a sheet of baking parchment onto a baking tray.

Mix together the gluten free flour, cornflour, ground almonds, xanthan gum, salt, caster sugar and yeast in a large bowl.

Measure the sunflower oil, egg and water together.

Pour the liquid into the flour and beat until smooth. The mixture should just be able to fall from the spoon.

Spoon the batter into a large piping bag fitted with an inch wide round nozzle.

If you look at the 8 strand plaited loaf, it looks like one plait sitting on top of a wider plait. So I piped a wide plait onto the baking tray, then a smaller neat plait on top. Not bad I thought!

leave in a warm place to prove for 45 minutes.

Brush the top with a beaten egg. Leave for a few minutes then repeat to give a good colour to the bread.

Bake for 25 – 35 minutes until brown on all sides. Take the loaf out of the tin and tap the bottom. If it is cooked it will sound hollow.

Cool on a wire rack. This is best eaten on the day of baking.

Just piped gluten and dairy free 8 strand plaited loaf.

Dough proved, brushed with beaten egg and ready for the oven.

The finished loaf.

3 Responses to “The Great British Bake Off – gluten and dairy free technical challenge – week 2”

  1. Jehefinner says:

    Which flour did you use? Doves Farm do a really good gf bread flour, which has xanthan gum in it already, I use it for pasta and pizza bases, as well as focaccia style breads, you can make an actual dough with is, rather than a batter, which might make this kind of loaf easier to make. I’ve not been watching the GBBO, perhaps I should!

  2. Iced Gem says:

    Really, I’d love to have your recipe if you don’t mind sharing?

  3. Iced Gem says:

    I used Doves farm plain flour. Because I use a mixture of flours I prefer to add the xanthan afterwards. I’ll update my posts with that, thanks