Goodbye and Sugar-Free Celebration Cakes

So this is my final post. I’m hanging up my apron!

I have been making cakes for almost 20 years. My littlest boy is starting school in September so I’ve decided it’s time for a career change. This website will still be here but I am saying goodbye!

But before I go….

In the last few years I have received a lot of emails asking for advice about making sugar-free celebration cakes so I thought I would share some recipes and ideas with you.

This information is not about healthy eating. This is for people who want to cut or reduce sugar from their diet but still want to enjoy celebrations with everyone else or have a special treat now and again. Some people have been able to embrace a sugar free diet and adapt their life easily. Other people find it a bit of a struggle. Everyone wants something sweet to eat now and again. These recipes are not meant for everyday eating!

Some people prefer to use natural sugars instead of sucrose in their cooking. These do still contain a lot of sugar and will rot your teeth if eaten too much.

Honey, agave syrup, coconut sugar, date syrup and sweeteners made from fruit such as Sweet Freedom are all natural sugars which work well in baking recipes. Maple syrup is not very sweet when combined with other ingredients so you may use more than intended to sweeten a dish.

Some recipes call for concentrated fruit juice. I think this is expensive, can be difficult to find and I think one of the other natural sugars I have mentioned can be used just as successfully!



I have been using Sweet Freedom sweeteners for baking and find they work really well in many recipes including sponges – the texture may be slightly different in some recipes.

I have been working with 2 natural sweeteners called xylitol and erythritol. These come in a granular form which looks identical to sugar and can be found in supermarkets and whole food stores. Sugar can be substituted like for like with xylitol or erythritol in many baking recipes.


In the UK erythritol can be found as Sukrin. This is a sugar alcohol with 0 calories. More information about this product can be found here.

More information about xylitol can be found here. Xylitol is sold in most supermarkets in the UK as Total Sweet. Eating too much xylitol can give you a stomach upset. Some of the recipe’s require the xylitol to be finely ground. A high speed blender is the best tool for this, if you can beg, borrow or steal a Thermomix, this would be perfect!

If you are cutting sugar from your diet, you can gradually reduce the amount of sugar or natural sweetener in a recipe as your taste buds become accustomed to less sugar. Baking recipes can work with up to a third less sugar.

I have put together sugar-free recipes useful for making celebration cakes. They are on separate blogs which you can get to through the following links.

Sugar-free jam 

Sugar-free marzipan 

Healthier fruit cake

Sugar-free buttercream 

Sugar-free royal icing 

Sugar-free fondant icing 

Sugar-free marshmallow ice cream cone

Sugar-free celebration cake ideas

When making sugar-free celebration cakes, you could make the filling sugar-free and decorate this with normal fondant and take this off before eating the sponge.

Decoration on your cake could be made with sugar if this is not going to be eaten. Sugar decorations can keep for years. If you do not want to use sugar, there are non-toxic modelling clays available – porcelain modelling clay and Artista soft are two. Some modelling clays may not be able to sit directly on your cake. Artista soft will need to sit on a card or piece of rice paper.

Croquembouche – dip the choux buns in sugar-free chocolate before stacking.

I love this one found on



Naked cakes have been really popular in the last couple of years. Substitute the sugar for xylitol in the sponge and buttercream.

This cake is from


Cakes covered with sugar-free chocolate ganache. Cover the cakes with a thin layer of sugar-free marzipan to give a smooth finish before pouring over the chocolate ganache. This is one of my cakes found in my book – Gluten-, Nut-, Egg- & Dairy-free Celebration Cakes.


Buttercream cakes have also been popular in the last few years. Some amazing designs can be found at  They also have a great book called The Contemporary Buttercream Bible.


I really like this as a sugar-free cake idea.



A homemade sugar-free Easter egg would make a really thoughtful present. Find out how to make this at


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