Gluten, Dairy, Soya and Egg Free Great British Bake Off Technical Challenge – Week 4. Custard Tarts

I cannot get excited about a custard tart. I know people who think they are the best thing since sliced bread. I don’t get it – but if you take that sliced bread but some butter on it (or dairy free margarine!), add some dried fruit, pour the custard over the top and bake then you have one of my all time favourite puddings. So maybe they’re not so bad!

custard tartAs I am a few weeks behind with this challenge I will crack on with the recipe.

Here is a link to the recipe used in the programme. Egg Custard Tarts.

To make this recipe dairy free, replace the butter in the pastry for your choice of dairy free margarine and the milk in the custard for your choice of dairy free milk. I prefer almond milk.

See here for my gluten and dairy free sweet pastry.

Gluten, dairy and egg free sweet pastry – Make 9 individual tarts.

100g Doves Farm gluten free plain flour
100g fine maize flour
100g cold dairy free margarine
50g caster sugar
40 – 50ml cold water. The less water the better the texture.

Combine the flours in a large mixing bowl.
Rub the margarine into the flour
Stir in the sugar then the water. Bring together to form a dough.
Use straight away. You can roll out the pastry and cut circles using a pastry cutter. Push into the moulds of a muffin tin. Neaten the edge.
I used a tart press to form my cases.

gluten free pastry

Place a ball of pastry into a large muffin tin, dip the press into gluten free flour and press down a little, dip into flour and press again. Continue until your pastry is your desired thickness. Trim the top with a sharp knife or round biscuit cutter.

gluten free pastry in muffin tin

If you are filling the pastry with egg custard, I would part bake the pastry for 15 minutes at 190°c/ gas mark 5 before adding the custard and sprinkling of nutmeg. Continue baking at 180°c / gas mark 4 for about 10 – 15 minutes until the custard has set.

For egg and dairy free custard I turn to custard powder or Vege-Gel, depending on which texture you prefer.

custard set with vege-gel

This custard is set with Vege-Gel.

Using vege-Gel.
900ml your choice of dairy free milk.
1½ sachets (9g) Vege-Gel.
50g caster sugar.
vanilla extract.

Stir the Vege-Gel and vanilla into the milk.
Pour into a saucepan and stir until boiling.
Stir in the caster sugar. Check you have enough flavouring and sugar. Pour into cooked pastry cases. Grate a little nutmeg on top.
Cool then keep in the fridge until needed.

Using custard powder.
900ml your choice of dairy free milk. I prefer almond milk.
50g gluten free custard powder.
35 – 50g caster sugar.

Pour the dairy free milk into a large saucepan and bring to the boil.
Blend the custard powder with a little water, when the milk comes to the boil whisk in the custard powder. Keep whisking until thick.
Stir in the sugar. Pour into the cooked pastry cases. Grate a little nutmeg on top. Leave to set and chill in the fridge.

Why not put a spoonful of jam or apple puree into the pastry case before the custard.




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