Free Recipe – Dairy & Gluten free Victoria Sponge. The perfect base for a Wedding / Birthday cake.

Dairy & Gluten Free Victoria Sponge Recipe.Here is one of the recipes from my new book – coming very soon.  It’s a great base for any Dairy & Gluten Free Birthday or Wedding Cake.

Many cake makers are reluctant to make cakes for special diets as they don’t know enough about ingredients or what people can or can’t eat.

In my new book I will be offering advice about diets, cross contamination, wheat and gluten freedairy freeegg free and vegan cake recipes and tips / techniques for decorating celebration cakes.

Click here for the Gluten and Dairy Free Victoria Sponge Recipe

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7 Responses to “Free Recipe – Dairy & Gluten free Victoria Sponge. The perfect base for a Wedding / Birthday cake.”

  1. Maryann McFadden says:

    I’m confused with this recipe as it claims to be dairy free however there are 5 eggs in it? If someone asks for a gluten and dairy free cake is it ok to put eggs in? Are they not dairy? Sorry to seem so thick, ive just never made a gluten and dairy free cake and im now being asked to make one. I’d appreciate a quick response.

  2. natacha says:

    To my knowledge, “dairy” applies to cow’s milk and anything you can make with it (cream, butter, yoghurt, cheese…). Cows don’t lay eggs… You must be confusing “dairy free” with vegan.

  3. Iced Gem says:

    Thank you Natacha.

    I did reply to this post, I don’t understand why it didn’t show up.

    Yes dairy is the milk and its products from all animals and not eggs.

  4. M Cecina says:

    Re Dairy & Gluten Free Victoria Sponge recipe, I am a bit confused, as the recipe contains butter which I thought was a dairy product or are you using a non dairy butter/margarine. If the latter which one would you recommend.

  5. Iced Gem says:

    Hi, All my recipes are gluten free. If you scroll down each recipe page there is instuctions how to make each one dairy free also.

    I recommend Vitalite dairy free margarine. See my taste test here –

  6. karen says:

    I love your blog – so helpful. I really would like to purchase your bakes and cakes book but it says out of stock, will you have any more stock soon? if not how can I get a copy?

  7. Iced Gem says:

    Hi Karen, Thank you.

    I can’t say at the moment but my book will be back soon.