The new Lactofree adverts made me chuckle!

I recently saw an advert for Lactofree milk on tv which made me laugh.

I had been wondering if people with a lactose intolerance could actually drink this.  I’ll buy some on my next shopping trip and let you know what I think.


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One Response to “The new Lactofree adverts made me chuckle!”

  1. Iced Gem says:

    I bought the Lactofree semi skimmed milk and cheese.

    The milk tasted like milk but without the sweetness, obviously as the lactose had been taken out.

    The cheese tasted like a mild cheddar. I prefer mature cheddar but if I couldn’t tolerate lactose then I would be happy to eat this.

    I made a macaroni cheese with both the milk and cheese. My husband didn’t notice the difference. I can’t usually tolerate that much dairy but I felt fine afterwards. So give it a try.