Dairy Free White Chocolate Easter Egg

Exciting news! Found – a dairy free white chocolate Easter egg in Sainsburys.

Is this the first commercial dairy free white chocolate egg?

Choices, made by Celtic Chocolates. The price was £2.25 for 65g of chocolate. I was excited to find this after being really impressed with their dairy free ‘milk’ chocolate. Personally I found it tasted very sweet and I prefer the melt in the mouth feeling of Humdingers white buttons, but this is great for all the people who usually miss out having their own Easter egg because they can’t or don’t want to eat dairy and the packaging is lovely.

Does this mean dairy free white chocolate will be returning to our supermarket shelves? Let’s hope so. I don’t know about anybody else but I’ve had real trouble getting hold of any lately. They all replaced Humdinger dairy free buttons for their own brand buttons made by Celtic Chocolates.

If you are missing your Humdinger dairy free buttons, you will find them at the brilliant www.veganstore.co.uk where maybe soon there will also be a return of my favourite – Holy Cow dairy free white buttons.


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