Dairy Free / Vegan Chocolate

Did you know you can buy dairy free white and milk chocolate?

 Vegan white and milk chocolate contains rice milk as a milk replacement which works really well.

My favourite vegan white chocolate is made by Organica. You can buy it as a 100g bar.

Quite a sweet chocolate with a strong vanilla flavour, it can be used exactly the same as conventional chocolate in baking. For example, melting and moulding into chocolate moulds, making chocolate fondant for covering cakes, making sugar cake decorations and making dairy free truffles (see my recipes).Organica also produce a milk and plain chocolate bar made with rice milk which can be used in baking.

Their website is www.venturefoods.com

Plamil Dairy Free Chocolate Chips.If you can’t eat dairy and have missed ‘proper’ chocolate chips in your cookies then get excited as you can now buy Plamil dairy free chocolate drops which are also gluten free and nut free.

I was so pleased to find this product. Before I was chopping up dairy free chocolate to add to cakes and biscuits which took ages and ended up with chocolate crumbs everywhere.

They are made of real chocolate and taste really good.

Their website is www.plamilfoods.co.uk

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