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Holiday Insurance for Allergy Sufferers

Friday, February 14th, 2014

Do you think about your allergies when buying your holiday insurance?

I was approached by a lovely lady named Ella who is doing some research into some of the issues facing allergy sufferers. She has included some of her research into the following article about holiday insurance for


This article is particularly for nut allergy sufferers. They plan on covering some other common allergies throughout the year, as whilst the general advice is similar there can be some differences.

Ella says:-

Many people with allergies are putting themselves at risk of substantial medical bills while travelling. This is because many health insurance policies either don’t adequately cover allergies or because there are certain rules which have to be met for that cover to apply. In the case of nut allergies, for example, the number of EpiPens the traveller must carry is often specified. Some insurers will even exclude emergency (often the most expensive) treatment. For nut allergy sufferers looking for some advice this article will bring you up to speed.