Where can I find maize flour?

infinity foods maize flourMaize flour seems to have a variety of names from different suppliers. It can be bought ground to fine, medium or coarse consistencies and is yellow in colour.

Maize flour ground to a fine consistency is called corn flour in America. What we call corn flour in the UK is called corn starch in America, which is what it actually is.

When my recipes list corn flour, I mean the white corn flour (corn starch). When my recipes list maize flour, I mean the yellow corn flour.

It can be also be called:

corn meal – the coarser varieties tend to be called this.

Masa Harina – this has been treated with lime, generally used for corn tortillas. This can be found in the specialist food isle in most supermarkets.

Polenta – a coarse variety.

I will try and build a list of stockists. Please contact me if you know of anywhere near you.masa harina

Infinity Foods sell their maize flour as corn flour. Here is a link to their website where you can find stockists near you:

Holland and Barrett sell maize flour as fine corn meal.

Here is a link to an online supplier of fine corn flour. http://www.buywholefoodsonline.co.uk/organic-cornflour-sifted-3kg.html