Useful contacts and suppliers


Coeliac UK

A charity which provides support and advice for people with coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis (DH).

Foods Matter

Foods Matter is an active website brimming with articles and the very latest research on allergy, intolerance, sensitivity and related health conditions.

Doves Farm

Doves Farm produce a wide variety of gluten free and wheat free products including bread flours, plain and speciality flours, a breakfast cereal and a range of cookies.

Community Foods

Natural and organic dried food suppliers

Plamil Foods

Makers of dairy and gluten free chocolate, including very good dairy and gluten free chocolate chips.

Cool Chile

When I couldn’t buy gluten free corn tortillas anymore I invested in a tortilla press from this company. They also sell chillies and sauces.

Suppliers of sugarcraft equipment and specialist cake ingredients

Squires Group:
A Piece of Cake Thame:


Whole Foods Online

Buy whole foods, health food, organic food and all other whole food products in bulk quantities online.

The Organic Home

The Organic Home will be the leader in the development of the use of organic products in the home. We are a driven and inspired company, fiercely protecting our ideals, aiming to bring a single organic brand into the homes of our vibrant and clear-thinking customers.

Why not try…

Visiting Asian supermarkets in your area? They stock lots of different flours, milks and other gluten and lactose free ingredients that you may not find in other shops.


Alan Silverwood cake tins

Choosing the right cake tin can make a huge difference to your results, and I can highly recommend these tins. They are brilliant for evenly baking a mixture and give cakes a lovely colour. Just as importantly, the coating does not rust or flake and they are very easy to clean – essential when baking gluten free or wheat-containing cakes. Found in good cook shops.

If You Care

Makers of 100% recycled aluminium foil and unbleached baking parchment. This is a brilliant baking parchment that doesn’t need greasing. It can also be used again if clean and composted after use. Can be found in whole food stores.

If you live in East Sussex these suppliers are worth visiting.

Infinity Foods

Supplier of organic products including an on-site bakery supplying gluten free bread. Well worth a visit.

Paynes Bee Farm

For honey and jam, also available mail order

Montezumas Chocolate

Chocolate produced in Sussex, Makers of vegan dark chocolate.


Makers of cheese, butter, pasta and pasta sauces. They make gluten free gnocci. They also make a vegetarian parmesan style cheese which is really good.