• Popping corn
  • 50g caster sugar, for sweet
  • Salt, for savoury

Need some advice on ingredients see -
The wheat, gluten and lactose free store cupboard


Pour a thin layer of popping corn into a large glass bowl (very important the popcorn will burn holes in a plastic bowl.) and cover with a plate. The popping corn just needs to cover the bottom of the bowl. This will fill the bowl when popped.

Place in the microwave on high. The corn will start popping after 1 minute and will take up to 4 minutes for all of the corn to pop. Leave the plate on top of the bowl for a couple of minutes as the corn will continue to pop. Some kernels will not pop so be aware of this when eating.

Savoury popcorn – sprinkle with salt.

Sweet popcorn – Put 50g caster sugar into a large saucepan. Pour in a little water, just enough to moisten the sugar.

Melt the sugar over a low heat. Pour in the popcorn and stir to coat in the sugar. Pour back into your bowl and eat.

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