Gluten and Dairy Free Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

I always keep a roll of cellophane and assorted ribbons to make foodie presents look a bit more special. You can buy this from sugarcraft or floristry suppliers. If you only want a little piece you could ask your friendly local florist.

If you are making Christmas cakes as presents, wrap the cake in cellophane instead of putting in a box as this will create more of an impact than putting in a box. The cakes can also be displayed for longer without worrying about the cakes getting dusty.

Sit the cake on top of a large sheet of cellophane. Bring the four corners up over the top, neaten the folds and tie with a ribbon. You may need to fold the cellophane underneath the cake board and secure with cellotape.

Place decorated gingerbread or shortbread biscuits into little cellophane bags tied with ribbon.

Colour wheat free marzipan, mould into shapes relevant to the person and present in a nice gift box with tissue paper.

Make different flavoured gluten free brownies or cakes. Cut into bite-size squares, decorate the top of each square and present in a gift box filled with tissue paper.

Make a gluten and dairy free Christmas pudding. Wrap the Christmas pudding in clean greaseproof paper and muslin. Tie the top with string. Place into a china pudding basin. Make a pretty card with reheating instructions and thread onto a length of Christmas ribbon or raffia and tie to cover the string.

Break up bars of different flavoured dairy free chocolate or melt the chocolate and mix batches with different dried fruit or nuts, spoon onto greaseproof paper to set. Place into a Kilner jar. Wrap in cellophane tied at the top with ribbon.

Buy Easter egg moulds or Christmas themed chocolate moulds (available from sugarcraft suppliers) melt dairy free chocolate and fill the moulds. Fill the egg with dairy free homemade chocolates. Wrap the egg with cellophane and tie at the top with ribbon.

Filling Chocolate Moulds

Chocolate egg moulds come in two halves.

Use a good quality dairy free chocolate with a high cocoa butter content.

Break up the chocolate into a microwavable bowl.

Melt on a low microwave setting stirring every 30 seconds.

When you can just see tiny parts of unmelted chocolate, microwave for 30 seconds and stir. The chocolate should have just melted. If you stick your clean finger in the chocolate it should feel just warm, not hot.

Pour the chocolate into the mould. Move the mould around so all of it is covered with the chocolate.

Turn the mould upside down over the bowl so the excess chocolate falls out. Place still upside down onto a sheet of greaseproof paper and leave to set.

When the chocolate has set, pick up the mould at the edge, try not to touch the chocolate as the warmth of your hand will melt the chocolate onto the mould.

Ease the chocolate out.

To join two halves together, heat a frying pan on a low heat until warm.

If filling the egg, fill one half. Touch the other half of the mould onto the frying pan, this will melt the edge and join the two halves together. Leave to set.

Wrap in cellophane and tie with ribbon.

Fill a Gift Box

With coconut toffee and dairy free fudge.

or gluten free truffles.