Dairy Free Vanilla Ice Cream


  • 1 pt almond milk
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 8 egg yolks
  • 100g caster sugar

Need some advice on ingredients see -
The wheat, gluten and lactose free store cupboard


Scrape the vanilla from the centre of the pod and place in a saucepan with the almond milk and the vanilla pod and bring to the boil.

Whisk together the egg yolks with the caster sugar.

When the milk has come to the boil, take out the vanilla pod and whisk the milk onto the eggs.

Pour the custard back into the saucepan and stir over a low heat until it is thick enough to coat the back of the wooden spoon, pour into a large bowl to cool quickly.

Pour into an ice cream machine to freeze or if you don’t have a machine, pour into a freezer container. Place into the freezer and stir to break up every half an hour until frozen. This stage is important as it incorporates air into the ice cream.

Eat the ice cream within three months.

Gem's hints and tips

Chocolate Ice Cream

Add 100g dairy free plain chocolate to the milk and stir to the boil.

White Chocolate Ice Cream

Add 150g vegan white chocolate to the almond milk and stir to the boil.

Omit 50g caster sugar.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Puree a punnet of strawberries. You will need ¼ pt / 125ml.

Make the custard as above but use only ¾ pint almond milk.

Stir in the strawberry puree before freezing.

Caramel Sauce

If you’ve been missing a creamy caramel sauce then try this:

170g unrefined caster sugar
250ml gluten free soya cream
85g dairy free margarine

Place the sugar into a saucepan with a drop of water, just enough to moisten the sugar.

Place over a low heat until the sugar dissolves stirring occasionally. Stop stirring and leave the sugar to boil to a caramel colour. If one part of the sugar is darkening before the rest, swirl the pan gently to mix.

Pour in the soya cream, be careful as the sugar will spit. Stir until the caramel dissolves into the soya cream. Place back onto a low heat to stir out any remaining lumps of caramel.

Leave to cool slightly. When it is just warm, stir in the dairy free margarine. Store in the fridge until cold then whisk to lighten the caramel.

Store in the fridge and use within 5 days.

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